Gifts for Children

Custom Name Plaques

Baby Placque

Made to order plaques feature the child’s name and birthdate; as well as animals, colors, and flowers of your choice. Certain to be well received at a baby shower or as a “Welcome, Baby” gift.

Book Boxes

Book Boxes are a popular and practical children's gift. Lovingly decorated, a sturdy wooden box provides a place for the childs favorite books to remain within easy reach, yet neatly stored.

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Rocking Chairs

Our personlaized rocking chairs give a fortunate child his or her own special seat, perhaps to read a favorite book. We often include the child's name, characters, animals, or fairy tale elements on a rocker. We have unfinished children's rocking chairs available; or you may choose to provide your own.

Please contact us for more information on any Gifts for Children.

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