About the Artists

Angela Washburn is a native Bavarian whose marriage brought her to the United States in the early 70's. While raising her children she began painting, and before long was teaching Bauernmalerei (Bavarian Folk Art) to other artists.

Soon she was painting for an unfinished furniture store in Worcester , MA , and giving insight to her southern German heritage by exhibiting and demonstrating in libraries, museums, and craft shows.

In the 90's she teamed up with woodworker Andrew Derrick. They offered original pieces which were well received by customers throughout the U.S. and beyond. A line of herb chests in different sizes and decorations was appreciated for both beauty and function.

She established her present workshop in Concord , Massachusetts in 1994.

Heather Wright grew up in Massachusetts . The daughter of artist parents, she began painting at a young age. Experimenting with different styles and mediums, she ventured away from the canvas and onto slates, furniture, and walls; preferring to decorate practical objects that could be used every day. She and Angela met in 1999, quickly realized that they shared a love of painting, and became fast friends. They became business partners, specializing in custom work, teaching, and selling from their studio showroom.

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